Abraham Pryme

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Abraham PRYME 1671-1704

Biographical Note

Born at Hatfield, Yorkshire, son of Mathias Pryme, yeoman. BA St John's College, Cambridge 1694. Curate of Broughton, Lincolnshire 1695; curate of Holy Trinity, Hull 1698; vicar of Thorne, Yorkshire 1701. His interests in history and antiquities began during his childhood and he continued, throughout his life, to undertake, write up and selectively publish antiquarian research. Fellow of the Royal Society, 1702, proposed by Hans Sloane.


Pryme is listed in Edward Bernard's Catalogi manuscriptorum, 1697, as owning a small number of manuscripts; many of these passed after his death to the herald John Warburton, and are now among the Lansdowne MSS at the British Library.