Bartholomew Jessop ca.1565-1620

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Bartholomew JESSOP or JESOP ca.1565-1620

Biographical Note

The fourth son of Walter of Chelcombe, Dorset, Bartholomew Jessop was a chorister at Magdalen College, Oxford, 1575-81. He obtained a B.A. from Magdalen College in 1580-1; B.C.L. from Gloucester Hall, Oxford, in 1588; and D.C.L. from Magdalen College in 1599. In 1607, he was incorporated at Cambridge. Jessop is recorded as an advocate of the Doctors' Commons in 1601 and as Chancellor of Sarum. He died in 1620 and is buried at Christ Church, Newgate.


Approximately forty law books given to Magdalene College, Cambridge, by Barnabas Goche, Master of Magdalene College, 1604-1626, contain the signature of Bartholomew Jessop, suggesting a possible connection between the two men. He also donated some books to Magdalen himself, in 1614 (11 survive in Magdalen today - examples are MS lat.153, c.10.10, c.14.4, h.13.1-4).

Characteristic Markings

Jessop's name is usually inscribed on the title page or upper endpapers of books as "B Jesop" or "Bartholomew Jesopi magdalen". The inscription sometimes includes a date, the earliest of which is 1592 and the latest, 1606. The books given in 1614 date from the early 16th to the early 17th century (plus an earlier manuscript), and are mostly theological.


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