Edward Browne d.1726?

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Edward BROWNE d.ca.1726?

Biographical Note

This owner is as yet unidentified. The advertisements for the auction in which his books were sold refer to him as "Captain". They also indicate that he lived in St James, London, and that he had a house in Kent, his goods being brought to the sale from both properties. The will survives of an Edward Browne who died in 1726, but it described him as a "Merchant of Saint Helen, City of London", so this may be a different man.


Browne's goods and books were sold at auction alongside those of Samuel Dunklyn from the latter's dwelling house in December 1726. The sale was advertised in the Daily Post]] and describes Browne's items as "brought from his Lodgings at St. James's, and his house near Canterbury in Kent... consisting of fine Damask, Mohair, Needlework and Chintz Furniture... a collection of mathematical curiosities, jewels, plate, old china ware, and a curious parcel of arms, pictures and books, with the stock in trade consisting of drapery and mercery goods of various sorts...".