Isaac Loader d.1715

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Isaac LOADER d.1715

Biographical Note

Loader's background and early career have not been traced, but he became a successful anchor maker based in Deptford, Kent. He is known to have been in partnership with the ironmaster Sir Ambrose Crowley of East Greenwich and his will shows that by the time of his death he had an extensive family and a house in Deptford, employing a clerk and a gardener. A monument in Deptford Church records his donation to its rebuilding at the end of the 17th century, and he bequeathed £200 to establish a charity for the poor of Deptford.


Loader's "household goods and fine original pictures, with a parcel of linnen, books, and arms" were auctioned in Deptford, beginning 13.6.1716; no catalogue survives, but the sale was advertised in the Daily Courant. The only mention of books in his will is a bequest to his kinsman Shadrach Blundell of "six compleat authors out of my books, such as he shall choose".

Characteristic Markings

None of Loader's books have been identified.