James Burnard 1599/1600-1663

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James BURNARD 1599/1600-1663

Biographical Note

Son of James Burnard, of Colyton, Devon, gentleman. BA St Mary Hall, Oxford 1619. Rector of Whitestone, Cornwall 1625, vicar of Awliscombe, Devon 1638, and of Up Ottery 1639. Ejected in the 1640s as a royalist, and spent at least part of the Interregnum at Canon Leigh, Burliscombe; restored to Awliscombe 1660.


According to Walker, his house was plundered by soldiers in the 1640s, and “rifled his study also, which was a valuable one, throwing his books about the house, tearing them in a shameful manner”.

Characteristic Markings

None of Burnard’s books have been identified.