James Welwood 1652-1727

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James WELWOOD or WELLWOOD 1652-1727

Biographical Note

Welwood was born in Dunfermline, Scotland, son of John Welwood (ca.1603-ca.1680) and Margaret Fury (ca.1620-1659). He attended University of St Andrews, and by the summer of 1671 had gained BA and MA degrees. He fled Scotland due to controversial sermons given by his brother, John, and studied medicine in Leiden and Paris, MD University of Rheims 1684. He practised medicine in Edinburgh before moving to Newcastle in 1687. He became engaged in printed debates surrounding the 1688 revolution, and eventually became physician to William and Mary in 1690. When he became fellow of the Royal College of Physicians in the same year he was welcomed as royal doctor, and other medical appointments followed, including that of superintendentof surgeons in the fleet.


Wellwood's books were sold by auction, alongside his other household goods, from his dwelling house in York Buildings, Buckingham Street, London from 13 June 1727. Advertisements in the Daily Journal and Daily Post describe the auction as encompassing "the entire Library of the learned Dr. Wellwood (fellow of the College of Physicians) deceas'd. Likewise all his houshold furniture".


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