John Farrington d.1760

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John FARRINGTON d.1760

Biographical Note

Farrington's biographical details and career have not been traced; in his will, he described himself as a merchant, of Clapham. The will refers to servants, but not to a wife or children. He translated several French works into English, including The origin of the grandeur of the court of Rome. By the late Abbe Vertot, published in 1754 (ESTC t81118).


Farrington used an engraved armorial bookplate (Franks 10244). The extent of his library is not known, but he directed his executors "to dispose of my library of books which is one of the most valuable articles I have to leave". He added that "none of my manuscript translations may be exposed", but "be shared as [the executors] think fit". He bequeathed his "book of Turkish habits" to his nephew Richard Chiswell "as a small acknowledgment of his favours".