John Hatcher d.1587

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John HATCHER d.1587

Biographical Note

BA University of Cambridge 1531/2, fellow of St John's College, Cambridge 1533, MA 1535, and MD 1543/4. He was Regius Professor of Physic for a short time in around 1554, and served as Vice-Chancellor in 1579-80.


Hatcher's probate inventory includes over 570 books, valued at £40 17s 10d (from a total estate valued at £1430 9s 8d). The books are mostly in Latin, with some Greek and English. They predominantly cover medicine and science, with some law, history and politics, among other subjects. Hatcher bequeathed ten books to Edward Lively, twenty books to his nephew Henry Hatcher, one to his grandson John Hatcher, ten to his servant Robert Crudd, ten to his son Sherewood, and thirteen of his best books to St Catharine's. While the will does not mention his son-in-law, Thomas Lorkyn, at least ten of Hatcher's books made their way to his library. The full inventory is edited as Leedham-Green no.154 (see full citation below). Examples: Cambridge University Library N*.10.18; St Catharine's College, Cambridge I.3.26(1).


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