John Salmon 1689/90-1714

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John SALMON 1689/90-1714

Biographical Note

Born in Melcombe, Wiltshire, son of John Salmon, gentleman. BA Oriel College, Oxford 1706, fellow 1707, MA 1709. Junior treasurer of Oriel 1709; vicar of St Peter le Bailey, Oxford 1713. He died of smallpox the following year. He was described by Thomas Hearne as “a great Whig, and of little or no parts, yet he did some good by keeping several girls at school in Oxford at his own charge”.


Salmon’s library was sold by auction in Oxford, 9 November 1714. The sale catalogue, subdivided only by format, contains 2178 lots (including a number of lots comprising bundles of pamphlets), with the usual spread of subjects and languages, including theology, history, classics, philosophy and medicine.

Characteristic Markings

None of Salmon’s books have been identified.


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