Nathaniel Smith d.1723

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Nathaniel SMITH d.1723

Biographical Note

Smith was a surgeon at St Bartholomew's Hospital.


In his will, Smith expresses his desire that his executors sell all his 'Books pictures plate household stuffe and furniture as soon after my decease as conveniently may be, and to permit Mr Bateman Bookseller in Pater Noster Row to be the Purchaser of my Books provided he will give as much for them as any other person will'. His books, along with his 'valuable collection of paintings, his preparations in Anatomy, Instruments and other Curiosities' were sold by retail sale at his dwelling-house in Coleman Street, London. The sale was intended to begin on 31 May 1723, but was actually delayed until 7 June. Advertisements in the Daily Courant describe the books as 'consisting of the choicest Authors in Greek, Latin, Italian and English; relating to Physick, Surgery, and other polite Learning'.