Peter Hushar d.1685

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Peter HUSHAR or HUSHER d.1685

Biographical Note

‘Merchant of London, deceased’; evidently a Frenchman who settled in London at an unknown date and who was involved in trade. The will of his widow Rebecca (née Tookie) shows that they lived in Spitalfields.


In his brief will, Hushar left all his goods to his wife Rebecca, who in turn when she died shortly afterwards left all her goods to her daughter (or, should she not survive to 21, to her brother and sister). Hushar’s library was auctioned in London, beginning 18 November 1685. The sale catalogue contains 897 lots and is unusual, in the context of English book sales, for its proportion of French language material, and absence of Latin, a reflection of its owner’s background. The catalogue begins with French language folios (27 lots), quartos (21), and octavos (174 theological, 107 history/poetry/miscellaneous). This is followed by English divinity (64 folio, 115 quarto, 266 octavo and duodecimo), English miscellaneous (29 folio, 56 smaller formats), and 24 volumes of English sermons and tracts, bound. Theological and devotional material makes up a little over 70% of the whole.

Characteristic Markings

None of Hushar’s books have been identified.