Peter Seaman 1662-1715

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Sir Peter SEAMAN 1662-1715

Biographical Note

Son of Thomas Seaman of Heigham, High Sheriff of Norfolk in 1688. Developed a successful business as a brewer in Norwich, and by the end of his life he owned a large house on Anchor Quay and various other properties there. Mayor of Norwich 1707, High Sheriff of Norfolk 1710, knighted 1712.


Seaman had a bookplate made, thought to have been locally engraved, but we have no information about the size of his library. His extensive will, which included various charitable bequests for Norwich, has no mention of books; his "plate, jewels and household stuff, linen and other household goods" were left to his wife.

Characteristic Markings

Beyond the record of the bookplate, none of Seaman's books have been identified.


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