Robert Sharrock 1630-1684

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Robert SHARROCK 1630-1684

Biographical Note

Born at Drayton Parslow, Buckinghamshire, son of Robert Sharrock, rector there. Fellow of New College, Oxford 1649, BCL 1654, DCL 1661. At Oxford he became associated with Robert Boyle and the scientific circle there; he carried out experiments, worked at the botanic garden, and by 1660 was helping to see Boyle’s publications through the press. His own History of the propagation and improvement of vegetables appeared in 1660; he subsequently published several other philosophical and historical works. He became rector of Great Horwood, Buckinghamshire, and a prebendary of Winchester, in 1665, moving to be rector of East Woodhay, Hampshire in 1668. He was made archdeacon of Winchester just before his death in 1684.


In his will, Sharrock directed that his books should not be sold or divided, but pass entire to his son Robert. The library, together with whatever additions were made by the son, was sold by auction in London on 26 February 1711. The catalogue contained 2155 lots, plus “several tracts bound up with other books that are not mentioned in the catalogue”, divided between Latin and other languages (1304) and English (851).

Characteristic markings

None of the Sharrocks’ books have been identified.