Salisbury Cade ca.1660-1720

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Salisbury or Salusbury CADE ca.1660-1720

Biographical Note

Cade was born in Kent and educated at Lewisham grammar school before gaining a BA from Trinity College, Cambridge, followed by MA 1684, BM 1687 and DM 1691. He was licensed by the Royal College of Physicians in 1688, elected fellow in 1694, and was censor in 1716 and 1719. He was physician to St Bartholomew's Hospital from 1708 until his death.


Part of Cade's library was sold by retail sale in London beginning 17 May 1721. Advertisements in the Post Boy described the items as 'choice and uncommon Books, in Greek. Latin, Italian, French and English History, Divinity, Law, Antiquity, Heraldry, Architecture, Cuts, Maps &c. several bound in Turky and other curious Bindings.


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