Thomas Travers

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Thomas TRAVERS ca.1619-1717

Biographical Note

Rector of St. Columb Major, Cornwall (1652-1662) and sometime lecturer at St. Andrew, Plymouth. Travers was educated at Magdalene College, Cambridge, from which he matriculated in 1637 and subsequently graduated B.A. 1640/1, M.A. 1644, then appointed Fellow. He was ejected from his position at St. Columb after its previous occupant, John Beauford, was restored to the role from which he had himself been ejected ten years prior. Travers is thought to have married the niece of John Robartes, 2nd Baron Robartes (later 1st Earl of Radnor) , with whom Travers was closely associated.


Travers donated a copy of Samuel Bochart’s Geographiæ sacræ pars prior Phaleg (1646) to the library at Magdalene College, Cambridge.