Alexander Barclay fl.1525-1560

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Alexander BARCLAY fl.1525-1560

Biographical Note

Dominican Prior at Wigtown. In 1525, he was licensed as bachelor of the general chapter of the Dominican order. In 1528, he was acting prior of Glasgow, later incorporated into the University in 1531. He is also recorded as prior of Dundee in November 1531. He was a lecturer in theology at the Dominican house in Elgin from May 1538, where he remained until at least 1545.


Less than 10 volumes have been identified as owned by Barclay. These include Euangelistarium (Nuremberg, 1519) (NLS Jolly.1033) by the poet and humanist Marko Marulić of Split (1450-1525) and an edition of Pliny’s Historia Naturalis (Parma, 1480) (Inc 157). He gifted a copy Thomas Cardinal Cajetan’s (1469-1534) edition of Thomas Aquinas to the Dominican House at St Andrews (TypIV.B08BT)

Characteristic Markings

Barlcay’s books are inscribed with variations of "frater Alexander Barculay" “Alexander berculai” and “Alexandri Barclay”

Inscription of Barclay (NLS Jolly.1033)


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