Andrew Dalzel, 1742-1806

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Andrew DALZEL or DALZIEL 1742-1806

Biographical Note

Andrew Dalzel was a classical scholar, private tutor and co-founder of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 1783. He was born in Newliston in Linlithgowshire to William Dalziel and Alice Linn of Linnmill, and married Anne Drysdale. He was brother to Archibald Dalzel, who authored the history and pro-slavery propaganda The History of Dahomy (1793).

Dalzel graduated from the University of Edinburgh in 1778, and worked as the progressive tutor of James Maitland, later 8th earl of Lauderdale. He wrote two Greek textbooks that became standard in Scotland, and later became the keeper of the University of Edinburgh Library.


His library was sold at auction 18 years after his death, from 1st-13th March 1824. The books of different consigners (the catalogue contains the books of Dalzel, Dr. Robert Boog, 1746-1823, John Penny and two anonymous consigners) are unspecified, so the extent and disposition of his library is unknown. The catalogue comprised 1893 lots, with notable themes of Latin and Greek books, bound collections of tracts, Scots Law, poetry and Christian religion. Lot no. 1616 is a copy of Dr. Hunter's Virgil presented to Dalzel; 1664-1667 are copies of Collectanea Graeca majora; 970 includes "Catalogue of Dr Williamson's Books, 1795"; 332, 456 and 1725 are incunabula.


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