Anthony Palmer 1613-1693

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Anthony PALMER 1613-1693

Biographical Note

Born at Barnstaple, Devon, son of William Palmer. BA Exeter College, Oxford 1635, MA 1637. Rector of Bratton Fleming, Devon 1645 (replacing the ejected previous incumbent, Matthew Gay); member of the Devon Association, 1655; ejected 1662. Licensed as a Presbyterian minister in 1672; recorded in 1690 as having no fixed ministry.


Palmer’s probate inventory included books valued at £50, from a total estate valued at £562. He gifted books to Dodderidge library, although they were possibly bought for that purpose rather than being his own: Examples: Exeter University Library Dodderidge 1575/ORT/xx (Ortelius); Dodderidge Library 1617/BIB/X (Rheims Bible) bound with Dodderidge 1617/FUL/X (Fulke); Dodderidge 1635/HAK/X (George Hakewill, who was a North Devon author); Dodderidge 1639/MAL/X (Maldonado commentary); Dodderidge 1640/JOS/X (Josephus trans. Lodge).

Characteristic Markings

None of Palmer’s books have been identified.