Bartholomew Ashwood 1622-1678

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Bartholomew ASHWOOD 1622-1678

Biographical Note

Born at Bickleigh, Devon, son of Bartholomew Ashwood, rector there. BA Exeter College, Oxford 1642. He succeeded his father as rector of Bickleigh in 1650 (his father resigning in his favour, being threatened with sequestration) and became vicar of Axminster in 1656. Ejected in 1660, he continued to minister to an independent congregation in Axminster, for which he was briefly imprisoned; he was licensed as an independent preacher at Axminster and Chard in 1672. Several theological treatises written by him were published posthumously in the years shortly after his death.


His library was valued at £20 in his probate inventory.

Characteristic Markings

None of Ashwood’s books have been identified.