Burrell Massingberd 1683-1728

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Burrell MASSINGBERD 1683-1728

Biographical Note

Baptised at Hetherington, Lincolnshire, son of Sir Drayner Massingberd and Anne Mildmay, and cousin of Margaret Massingberd. Succeeded to estates at Ormsby, Lincolnshire in 1689. Fellow Commoner of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, 1702. Admitted at the Inner Temple, 1703. High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire, 1706-7. Married Philippa Mundy, a friend of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu.


Used engraved armorial bookplates:

Franks 19941 Massingberd, Burrell, of South Ormesbye in Com Lincolne, Esqr.

Franks *420 (another impression of the last plate) Massingberd, Burrell, of South Ormesbye in Com Lincolne, Esqr.

Example containing his bookplate: University of Liverpool Library, Y68.P14.06.

The extent and disposition of his library are not yet established. His family papers contain ‘a list of books taken at Bromley in 1701’. He engaged the painter and architect William Kent, to whom he was an important early patron, to obtain architectural books and prints in Rome.


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