Cholmeley Dering 1679-1711

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Sir Cholmeley DERING, 4th Baronet 1679-1711

Sir Cholmeley Dering's bookplate (British Museum Franks Collection *131)

Biographical Note

Son of Sir Edward Dering of Surrenden, Kent, 3rd Baronet, and great-grandson of the first Sir Edward, the antiquary (q.v.). Matriculated at New College, Oxford 1697, but did not graduate; admitted at the Middle Temple in the same year. MP for Kent 1705, for Saltash 1708, and for Kent again 1710, where he was noted as a High Church Tory, who voted against the impeachment of Henry Sacheverell. His career was cut short by a quarrel with Richard Thornhill, one of his Kent neighbours, which led to a duel in which Dering was killed.


Dering had a bookplate (Franks *131), but the extent to which he added to the Dering library at Surrenden (where he would have inherited the collections of his great-grandfather) is not known. His will has no specific mention of books; all his goods and chattels were inherited by his son Edward, who became the 5th Baronet.