Cornelius Callow 1660-1687?

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Cornelius CALLOW 1660-1687?

Biographical Note

Born in London, son of Robert Callow. BA Trinity, Cambridge 1681. Created a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, with the status of MD, 1687. The date of death is speculative, based on the date of the book sale.


The library of “vir. D. Cornelius Callow Londinensis generosi” was auctioned in London by Edward Millington, 21 November 1687, alongside the Latin part of the library of William Sill. It is not possible to identify which books belonged to which person with any certainty, but the 188 vols of Libri medici (mostly Latin 17th century medical books, with a few English ones) were presumably Callow’s. Examples: a copy of Hypnerotomachia polyphilii (1499) given by Dr Callow to John Lawson, FRCP, was Sotheby’s 15.6.1977/16.


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