Daniel Fleming 1633-1701

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Sir Daniel FLEMING 1633-1701

Biographical Note

Son of William Fleming of Coniston and Rydal, a north country landowner. Matriculated Queen’s College, Oxford 1650 but did not graduate; entered Gray’s Inn, 1650. Inherited family estates at Rydal, 1653. Active in the administrative affairs of the north west; Sheriff of Cumberland, 1660; knighted, 1681; MP for Cockermouth, 1685-87. Amassed various antiquarian collections on the history of Cumberland and Westmorland; extensive documentation of his activities and household accounts also survives.


Fleming built up a library estimated at ca.1500 volumes, having also inherited books from his great uncle John Fleming (1575-1643). Many of his books remained with his descendents until the 20th century when the collection was dispersed (ca.900 volumes were sold at Christie’s, February 1969). Examples: British Library 1506/512, 1509/1370; Senate House Library, London [G.L.]1690/Marriage promoted; Quaritch 1199 (1994)/150; Maggs 1272 (1999)/125, 136; Christopher Edwards 79 (2020)/108.

Inscription of Sir Daniel Fleming (Private Collection. J. Strype, Memorials of ... Thomas Cranmer, London, 1694)

Characteristic Markings

Typically wrote his name on titlepages, “Dan: Fleming”, underscored; his books are also commonly annotated. Many of his books also have an additional titlepage inscription of a few letters underlined, referring to the heading under which the book would be listed in Fleming’s own catalogue or shelf arrangement. Some books also carry press marks, which appear to have been added by Daniel’s son Sir George (1667-1747, Bishop of Carlisle) after he inherited the collection. His books are typically found in plain contemporary bindings of minimally decorated calf or sheep, often with handwritten paper spine labels (again, probably the work of George).


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