Dorothy Noel ca.1690-1734

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Dorothy NOEL or MANNERS, Countess of Gainsborough ca.1690-1734

The bookplate dated 1707, made in the year of her marriage (British Museum Franks Collection *39)

Biographical Note

Daughter of John Manners, 1st Duke of Rutland; in 1707 she married Baptist Noel, 3rd Earl of Gainsborough, whom she outlived by 20 years. Several portraits of her survive.


Several bookplates were used by Noel, before and after the death of her husband. The first, dated 1707 (Franks 21941/*39) dates from the year of her marriage; another was made, dated 1710 (Franks 21942). Sometime after 1714, a plate showing her arms on a lozenge, as a widow, was commissioned (Franks 21944). The extent and disposition of her library are not known.