Edward Marshall d.1723?

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Edward MARSHALL d.1723?

Biographical Note

Likely the Edward Marshall Esq. of St Andrews, Holborn, whose probate inventory (or associated document) is TNA PROB 3/22/167.


Marshall's library was sold by retail sale in London beginning 5 March 1724. The catalogue describes the sale as "consisting of a very large and valuable collection of books relating to the common and civil law, the history and antiquities of Great Britain and Ireland, of Foreign Countries, the Fathers, Divinity, Physick, natural history, vmathematics|Mathematicks]], Sculpture, architecture, Painting, Voyages, Romances, Poetry, Trade, &c Classicks of the most celebrated Editions... likewise French, Italian, and Spanish books". The sale was advertised in a number of newspapers, including the "Daily Courant".


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