George Goodall d.1707

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George GOODALL d.1707

Biographical Note

Probably born in Cornwall (his will shows that much of his property was in St Ives). BA Exeter College, Oxford 1661, MA 1664, BD 1674, fellow 1658-89. Rector of Padworth, Berkshire 1683-1707.


Goodall bequeathed £20 to Exeter College, or books to that value. He also designated 22 books (in 36 volumes), listed in an appendix to his will, to be given to the parish of Padworth as the beginning of a parish library. They were to be placed in a room adjoining the church, “intended to be built” by Loftus Brightwell. There is no record of a parish library at Padworth and it seems likely that this scheme never came to fruition. The listed books are a mixture of commentaries, patristic and devotional texts, and only a small part of his total library.

Goodall’s library was sold by auction in London by Francis Hubbart, beginning 29 November 1708. The sale catalogue contains 1302 lots, divided between Latin and Greek books (480), French, Italian and other continental languages (98), and English (724).

Characteristic Markings

None of Goodall’s books have been identified.


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