James Graham 1682-1742

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James GRAHAM, 1st Duke of Montrose 1682-1742

Graham's bookplate (British Museum Franks Collection *485)

Biographical Note

Son of James Graham, 3rd marquess of Montrose, he succeeded as 4th marquess on his father's death in 1685. A strong supporter of the protestant succession and of union with England, he was made duke of Montrose by Queen Anne in 1707 and sat in the House of Lords for a number of years.


Used engraved bookplates:

Franks 12444 (Graham), His Grace James, Duke of Montrose. *485 (Graham), His Grace James, Duke of Montrose. (Another impression of the last plate.)

Franks 12445 (Graham), His Grace the Duke of Montrose. (The last plate with inscription altered.)

Examples: Clements Collection National Art Library (CLE JJ1).