James Stuart 1612-1655

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James STUART or STEWART, 1st Duke of Richmond and 4th Duke of Lennox 1612-1655

Armorial stamp of James Stuart featuring a bull's head vomiting forth flames (British Armorial Bindings).

Biographical Note

Eldest son of Esme Stuart (1579-1624) and Katherine Clifton (ca.1592-1637). Cousin of James VI and I and Charles I. The former became his guardian after the death of his father in 1624. Created MA University of Cambridge 1624. Gentleman of the bedchamber 1625, admitted at Gray's Inn 1628 and MA University of Oxford 1636. Knighted in 1630, privy councillor 1633, knight of the Garter 1634, lord warden of the Cinque Ports 1640. Died in 1650 and was buried in the family vault at Westminster Abbey.


A number of books have been identified as belonging to Stuart. Examples:Clements Collection National Art Library and Queen's College, Oxford.

Characteristic Markings

Three stamps are associated with Stuart in the British Armorial Bindings database.