John Cockburn 1652-1729

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John COCKBURN 1652-1729

Biographical Note

Born in Edinburgh, son of John Cockburn, tailor. MA King's College, Aberdeen 1670, DD 1688. He became a minister in the Episcopalian Church and held a number of Scottish livings before being deprived for refusing the oaths to William and Mary in 1689. He spent most of the 1690s in the Netherlands, establishing an Anglican ministry at Amsterdam. In 1708 he became rector of Beercrocombe, Somerset and returned to England, taking the necessary oaths to become an Anglican priest. He was well thought of by the establishment and in 1714 was appointed to a wealthy living as vicar or Northolt. He published numerous sermons, and historical and doctrinal works.


Cockburn sold much of his library in 1704, being then in financial hardship. He subsequently acquired more, and his library was sold by retail sale in London, beginning 20 April 1730; no catalogue survives, but the sale was advertised in the Daily Journal. His will has no specific mention of books; he directed that his estate be divided between his wife and daughters.