John Owen 1616-1683

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John OWEN 1616-1683

Biographical Note

Born at Stadham, second son of Henry Owen, vicar of Stadham. BA Queen's College, Oxford 1632, MA 1635. Chaplain to Sir William Dormer 1637, and then to John Lord Lovelace; moved to London in 1642 and increasingly adopted presbyterian views. Rector of Fordham, Essex 1643. Becoming noted as an influential author and preacher, he was appointed by Cromwell as chaplain to the Irish expeditionary forces in 1649. Dean of Christ Church, Oxford 1651, and much involved in University and government affairs through the 1650s. After ejection from Oxford, he moved to Stadham, but returned to London by 1663, and during the rest of his life he was a leading figure as a spokesman for the nonconformist cause, preaching, continuing to publish, and involved in many discussions and efforts to achieve reconciliation or toleration. He was minister to a congregation in Leadenhall Street during the 1670s.


Owen's will has no specific mention of books; after disposing of property and money, he bequeathed the residue of his personal estate to his wife Dorothy. His library was auctioned in London, 26.5.1684. The catalogue contains 3024 lots, divided between Latin theology (940 lots), Latin miscellaneous (including philology, history and geography) (577), English divinity (1130), English miscellaneous (331), Latin, Greek and other manuscripts (32), and volumes of quarto tracts (13).

Characteristic Markings

None of Owen's books have been identified.