Michael Briscoe 1626/7-1685

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Michael BRISCOE 1626/7-1685

Biographical Note

Born in Dundalk, Ireland, son of Roger Briscoe, clerk. Admitted at Trinity College, Dublin 1641. Curate of Turton, Lancashire ca.1646, and at Walmsley, near Bolton, by 1648 when he was involved in a dispute with his congregation. Lecturer at Preston 1650, at Blackburn 1651; spent some time back in Ireland in the 1650s (lecturer at Christ Church, Dublin 1655). Signed the terms of accommodation between the Presbyterian and Congregational ministers in Lancashire, 1659. Became a pastor at Toxteth Park Chapel, Lancashire, where he was licensed as a Congregationalist in 1672.


Briscoe’s probate inventory lists books valued at £100, from a total estate valued at £789.


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