Mr Shermar d.1719?

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Biographical Note

A catalogue of sale and associated advertisements of October 1719 refer to a 'Mr P. Shermar, citizen and druggist of London'. However, in February of the same year the Daily Courant advertises the sale of 'The Drugs and other Goods of Mr. Thomas Shermer, Druggist in Bucklersbury, deceased'. An explanation can perhaps be found in the wills of three Shermar brothers who die in the years before the sale: John (a druggist, d.1714), Paul (a clothworker d.1716) and Thomas (a clothworker, d.1719). In this case, the sale may actually be related to books belonging to John Shermar, whose possessions were left to his brothers at his death.


Advertisements describe the sale of the library of Mr P. Shermar, alongside that of an unnamed country clergyman. The items consisted of 'the most valuable Books in all Faculties, in Greek, Latin, Italian, French and English', and were to be sold by retail sale in London, beginning 21 October 1719.