Owen Buckingham ca.1649-1713

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Sir Owen BUCKINGHAM ca.1649-1713

Buckingham's bookplate (British Museum Franks Collection *431)

Biographical Note

Younger son of George Buckingham of Stanwell, Middlesex, innkeeper. His education is not known but "he appears to have risen by dint of his own ability and a series of judicious marriages" (History of Parliament); he was a liveryman of the Butchers' Company by 1680, was later described as a salter, and became wealthy. He became involved in City politics during the 1680s, became a common councilman in 1689, a sheriff in 1695, alderman for Bishopsgate in 1698 and Lord Mayor in 1704. MP for Reading 1698-1708, affiliated with the Whigs. He was knighted in 1695 and in 1706 he purchased estates near Reading.


Buckingham had an engraved armorial bookplate, dated 1705 (Franks *431), but the extent of his library is not known. His will has no mention of books; the bulk of his estate was left to his only son Owen, who succeeded him as MP for Reading, and who was killed in a duel in 1720.

Characteristic Markings

None of Buckingham's books have been identified.