Pierre Silvestre ca.1662-1718

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Pierre or Peter SILVESTRE or SYLVESTER ca.1662-1718

Biographical Note

Son of Daniel Silvestre of Bordeaux, France. MD 1683. Silvestre worked in hospitals in Paris before moving to Amsterdam after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, where he became physician to the Prince of Orange, who he accompanied to England in 1689. He was also physician to Marshal Schomberg in Ireland and Commissioner for the Sick and Wounded. He became a naturalised British citizen in 1696. Silvestre was a member of the Royal College of Physicians from 1693, and was elected fellow of the Royal Society in 1699, having been proposed by Sir Hans Sloane.


Silvestre's books were sold at retail sale in London beginning 25 June 1718. An advertisement in the Post Boy describes the sale as containing 'a choice Collection of valuable Books in Greek, Latin, French, Italian, Spanish, High and Low Dutch, English, &c, neatly bound, gilt and letter'd'.


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