Robert Corrance 1715/6-1741

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Robert CORRANCE 1715/6-1741

Biographical Note

Son of Clement Corrance of Rougham, Suffolk, gentleman. BA St John's College, Cambridge 1738. He became curate of Alexton, Leicestershire in 1738 and is recorded as being a chaplain in the Navy in 1739-40, but died the following year.


The Franks Collection includes two versions of an engraved plate of the Corrance family arms, on one of which the name has been filled out as "R. Corrance 1734 of Saint John's College" (Franks 6923-4). The size of his library is not known, but in his will he directed that all his Latin, Greek and Hebrew books, together with £10 to purchase any "divinity books that he shall think proper", should be given to William Howel of St John's College (who is not recorded in Venn).