Thomas Brograve 1670-1707

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Sir Thomas BROGRAVE, 3rd bart 1670-1707

Biographical Note

Second son of Sir Thomas Brograve of Hamells, Hertfordshire, 1st baronet; inherited the title as 3rd baronet following the death of his elder brother John in 1691. The estate at Hamells was sold after Brograve's death in 1707, when the baronetcy became extinct.


In his will, Brograve bequeathed "all my books manuscripts and papers" (together with most of the rest of his estate) to his wife, during her widowhood, and to his heirs thereafter. He also referred to "all rings watches and books now in her custody", which passed to her ownership entirely, implying the existence of a separate collection of books within the house which were explicitly hers. His library was sold by retail sale in London, together with that of "a gentleman of the University of Cambridge, deceas'd", beginning 28 August 1712; no catalogue survives, but the sale was advertised in The Post Boy.

Characteristic Markings

None of Brograve's books have been identified.