Thomas Gleave d.1708

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Thomas GLEAVE d.1708

Biographical Note

No biographical details traced beyond the fact that he was a member of the Inner Temple, who was buried in the Temple Church 5 November 1708.


Gleave's short will disposed of his property amongst a number of friends and relatives (but no wife or children), including "all the goods in my chambers excepting my books in my study" to Mary Baily, widow; all the residue of the estate (including, presumably, the books, for which no specific provision was made) was to be divided between his legatees. His library, together with that of "another eminent practiser of the law" was sold by auction in London, beginning 24 February 1709. No catalogue survives, though written catalogues were to be seen at the place of sale; it was advertised in the Daily Courant in February and March 1709.

Characteristic Markings

None of Gleave's books have been identified.


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