Thomas Jacombe 1623/4-1687

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Thomas JACOMBE 1623/4-1687

Biographical Note

Born at Burton Lazars, Leicestershire, son of John Jacombe. BA St John’s, Cambridge 1644 (after initially studying in Oxford), fellow of Trinity, Cambridge 1645, MA 1647, DD 1661. Ordained as a Presbyterian minister 1647; moved to London as chaplain to Elizabeth Cecil, dowager countess of Exeter. Rector of St Martin Ludgate, London 1650 (ejected 1662). Supported the restoration of Charles II, and involved in negotiations to establish the ecclesiastical settlement from 1660. Presbyterian commissioner at the Savoy Conference, 1661. Continued to act as chaplain to the dowager countess of Exeter, preaching and holding meetings in London. Published a number of sermons. His estate when he died was valued above £2000 and included property in Leicestershire.


Jacombe assembled a very extensive library; in his will, he stated that it had cost him "near two thousand pounds" and directed that it be sold as soon as possible after his death, with the monetary proceeds divided equally among his grandchilden. It was auctioned in London by Edward Millington, 31 October 1687. The sale catalogue lists 5007 lots, plus 48 vols of bound tracts, subdivided into Latin theology (1643 lots), Latin miscellaneous (including geography, history, philology, lexicography, medicine, philosophy and law: 1075), English theology (1752), English miscellaneous (537). The sale raised ca. £1120.

Characteristic Markings

None of Jacombe’s books have been identified.