William Cooper d.1681

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William COOPER d.1681

Biographical Note

BA Emmanuel College, Cambridge 1632, MA 1635. Vicar of Ringmere, Sussex 1640-41. Chaplain to Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia, at the Hague 1644-48. Rector of St Olave’s, Southwark ca.1649 (ejected 1662). Preached before Parliament 1649; lecturer at Westminster Abbey 1654. Recommended to Richard Cromwell by George Monck as “one of the gravest sort of moderate Presbyterian divines”. Licensed as a presbyterian preacher at Crewkerne, Somerset 1672. Imprisoned in 1681; the exact date of his death is not known.


Library auctioned 1686; see entry for John Bradford.

Characteristic Markings

None of Cooper’s books have been identified.