William Glynne 1663-1721

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Sir William GLYNNE, 2nd baronet 1663-1721

Biographical Note

Son of Sir William Glynne, 1st bart, of Bicester and Flintshire, MP, from whom he inherited the title and family estates (including one at Ambrosden, Oxfordshire) in 1690. Matriculated at St Edmund Hall, Oxford 1679, DCL 1706; he became MP for Oxford University in 1698, and for New Woodstock in 1702. He left Parliament in 1705 "to pursue his avid interest in horse-breeding and racing" (History of Parliament).


Glynne's library - which will probably have included the 800 books and 130 manuscripts inherited from his father - was auctioned in London, beginning 3 November 1729, along with the books of William Delaune. In his will, he bequeathed much of his estate and goods to his younger brother Stephen, who also became the 3rd baronet, and it was probably Stephen's death in 1729 which prompted the book sale.