William Paget 1637-1713

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William PAGET or PAGETT, 6th Baron Paget 1637-1713

Bookplate of William Paget, Baron Paget (BM Franks Collection *90)
Bookplate of William Paget, Baron Paget (BM Franks Collection *117)

Biographical Note

Son of William Paget, 5th Baron Paget. Matriculated from Christ Church, Oxford in 1627. Made a knight of the bath at Charles I's coronation in 1626. Initially a supporter of the militia ordinance, he defected and fought for the royalist cause in the Civil War only to return to the parliamentary side in 1644. His involvement in the Earl of Holland's rebellion resulted in the forfeiture of his estates, and he remained in financial difficulties until his death.

Characteristic Marking

Paget used engraved armorial bookplates (Franks *90/*117); the extent and disposition of his library is not known. His will has no specific mention of books, but would have been included with the household contents of houses which were variously bequeathed.