Alice Brownlow 1659-1721

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The larger of Alice Brownlow's bookplates (British Museum Franks *139)

Biographical Note

Daughter of Richard Sherard of Lopethorp, Lincolnshire. In 1676 she married John Brownlow, later Sir John, 4th bart, of Belton House, Lincolnshire; they had 7 children. He committed suicide in 1697 and she lived on at Belton for a further 24 years.


The library at Belton House was continuously developed from the time of Richard Brownlow (1553-1638) onwards, and contains books associated with many subsequent generations. Its growth largely took place during the 18th century (there were ca.1300 books there by 1730), but there are numerous books at Belton today which can be associated with Alice and Sir John. A number of family bookplates were made for the Brownlows, mostly dated 1698, including two for Alice, in different sizes, noting her status as the "relict" of Sir John (Franks *139/4111, *145/4112).


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