Andrew Clench d.1692

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Andrew CLENCH d.1692

Biographical Note

Born in Ipswich; matriculated St Catharine’s College, Cambridge 1663, created M.D. at Cambridge by royal mandate, 1672. Practised as a physician in London; Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Fellow of the Royal Society, 1680. Was in dispute with the Royal College of Physicians in the 1680s. Murdered in 1692 for calling in a loan.


“a choice collection of medicinal and chymical books, the library of Dr. Andrew Clench” was sold by auction by John Bullord at Tom’s Coffee-House, London, 1 June 1692, as part of a larger sale including other Greek, Latin and English books (Wing C1331). Clench’s books comprise 292 lots (a few being multi-volume) subdivided by format, 186 in Latin and 106 in English. The subject content is entirely medical and scientific and it is not known to what extent he owned other material.

Characteristic Markings

None of Clench’s books have been identified.


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