Andrew Cranston d.1708

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Andrew CRANSTON d.1708

Biographical Note

Born in Scotland; BA University of Edinburgh 1673. Vicar of Greenock, Renfrewshire 1681; not long thereafter he moved to England, where he became vicar of Shepton Mallet, Somerset in 1693, and of Reigate, Surrey (where he had already been living) in 1697.


A gift of 520 books to Edinburgh University Library in 1683 was revoked the following year, on Cranston's move south. He devised a scheme to establish a parish library for Reigate and its surrounding archdeaconry, by initially donating 70 of his own books and contacting a wide circle of potential donors to contribute also. The library formally opened in 1701, in a room above the vestry in the parish church. Cranston gave a further 108 books in 1703; by the time of his death, the library had grown to over 1500 volumes, with books given by 365 donors (listed in a benefactors' register), including John Evelyn, White Kennett and John Flamsteed. Shortly before his death, Cranston vested the library in a formally constituted body of trustees, including many Reigate townspeople, and it continued to grow; the trustees were reconstituted by the Charity Commission in 1950 and it continues to be housed in its original room today. There are a little over 2000 surviving books, with a strong emphasis on theology, but also including titles across the range of subjects that might be expected, including history, geography, classics, law, medicine, astronomy, mathematics and science.


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