Anthony Abdy 1579-1640

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Anthony ABDY 1579-1640

Biographical Note

Clothworker and merchant in London, who inherited property in Essex in 1595, and who purchased the Felix Hall estate there in 1630. Director of the East India Company 1617, deputy governor 1639; Master of the Clothworkers' Company 1632; alderman of the City of London, sheriff 1630-31.


Abdy's probate inventory includes books “in the little parlour” in his house at Lime Street, valued at £12; he also had a house at Leytonstone, Essex, with a small number of books including Pliny and “ye Turkish historie”, valued at 12s. His lengthy will has no specific mention of books, and is largely concerned with distributing money and property around family, associates and charitable causes.

Characteristic Markings

None of Abdy's books have been identified.