Anthony Horneck 1641-1697

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Anthony HORNECK 1641-1697

Biographical Note

Born at Bacharach in the Lower Palatinate, son of Philip Horneck, the town's Recorder. After studying at the University of Heidelberg he came to Oxford where he was incorporated as an MA and appointed chaplain to Queen's College, and vicar of All Saints, Oxford. In 1670 he became vicar of Dolton in Devon, which he resigned on becoming preacher in the Savoy the following year. He was appointed a prebendary at Westminster Abbey in 1693, which he exchanged for a prebend at Bath and Wells in 1694. He was admired for his piety, preaching, and strict religious principles, and his disapproval of pluralism meant that he was always relatively poor. His numerous publications, including The crucified Jesus (1686) and The fire of the altar (1683) focused on the personal life and many were very popular, running to many editions. He was noted for his skill in languages, and in Hebrew studies, and was awarded a DD by Cambridge in 1681.


Horneck's will has no mention of books; all the residue of his estate, after some property was dealt with, was left to his wife Jane. His library was sold by auction in London, beginning 15 April 1697. The catalogue lists 1577 lots, divided into English divinity (465), English history and miscellaneous (255), Latin theology (364), Latin miscellaneous (228), French books (203), Spanish books (25), Italian books (37), and a number of bundles of sermons and pamphlets. The sale also included "some manuscripts some of his own writing". Only the folios in the catalogue have imprint dates noted; they are predominantly 17th century imprints, with a higher proportion of 16th century ones noticeable in the Latin theology.

Characteristic Markings

None of Horneck's books have been identified.