Archibald Campbell, 1683-1761

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Archibald CAMPBELL 1683-1761

Biographical Note

Third duke of Argyll and Whig politician. Born in Petersham, Surrey, to -Archibald Campbell, tenth earl and first duke of Argyll, and his wife Elizabeth Campbell. His elder brother was John Campbell, second duke of Argyll. Educated at Eton College and in 1698 attended classes at the University of Glasgow, then read civil law in Utrecht, before abandoning his studies to pursue a military career. Probably went on a European tour with his elder brother and their tutor Alexander Cuningham in 1699 and 1700.

Appointed lord high treasurer of Scotland by Queen Anne in the Scottish parliamentary session of 1705. Represented the Scottish parliament in union negotiations and created earl of Ilay (now Isle of Islay), Lord Oransay, Dunoon and Arrose in 1706. Remained a representative peer elected by the Scottish nobility to represent them in the House of Lords at Westminster for the remainder of his life (save the 1713-15 British parliament). Appointed lord justice-general of the court of justiciary in Scotland and to the privy council in 1711. Appointed lord privy seal in Scotland in 1721. Allied with Robert Walpole. His protégé was Andrew Fletcher, Lord Milton.


A catalogue of his library was printed by Robert and Andrew Foulis in Glasgow, 1758, comprising 304 pages with approximately 31 titles per full page, mostly quarto and octavo volumes with some folio. The largest subject categories are Greek and Latin authors (41 pages, including a collection of writers on Byzantine history), 'Philologici' (34.5 pages, including a large collection of library catalogues and many books on antiquities, dictionaries and grammars), and 'Medici, Chymici &c.' (36 pages). There are also large numbers of books on history (26.5 pages), law (29.5 pages), government and politics (19.5 pages), 'Philosophici &c.' (26 pages, mostly practical natural philosophy, hunting, cookery etc.) and mathematics (19 pages).