Archibald Hamilton

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Archibald HAMILTON, ca.b.1561

Biographical Note

Archibald Hamilton of Halcraig in Lanarkshire was the second son of Reverend Hans Hamilton (1535/6-1608) and his wife Jonet Denham, daughter of James Denham, laird of West Shield, Ayrshire. Hamilton was a Writer to the Signet in Edinburgh and, afterwards, Commissary at Limerick. He married, firstly, a Miss Simpson (n.d.) and, secondly, Rachel Carmichael (n.d.), sister to James Carmichael, 1st Lord Carmichael. He purchased estates in Scotland and Ireland.


The extent and disposition of Hamilton’s library are not known. Four books formerly belonging to him are in the library at Castle Ward, County Down. These are legal and Calvinist works.

Inscription of Archibald Hamilton (Castle Ward)

Characteristic Markings

In the four books identified, Hamilton signed his name on the title page or front flyleaf; he includes his motto ‘mihi satis in cælis’ and sometimes the price.


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