Charles Parkin 1690-1765

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Charles PARKIN 1690-1765

The bookplate of Charles Parkin from Pem. Locked section 8.6.33, Alphabetum Graecum

Biographical Note

Born in London, son of William Parkin, shoemaker. BA Pembroke College, Cambridge 1712, MA 1717. he became rector of Boughton and Oxborough, Norfolk, and spent the rest of his life there. He became actively interested in local history and antiquities, and while undertaking his own research he became a contributor to the history of Norfolk being compiled by Francis Blomefield. He was persuaded to continue this work after Blomefield's death in 1752 and much of this was published after his own death.


The extent of his library is not known; in his will, he left to his sister Sarah such English books as she should select, and to Pembroke College any other books of his that they wanted (together with his seals, deeds and manuscripts), with directions that the college should sell anything remaining and give the proceeds to Sarah. Examples: Pembroke College Locked section 8.6.33, Alphabetum Graecum.

Characteristic Markings

Parkin used an engraved armorial bookplate (Franks 22758).