Daniel Dun 1544/5-1617

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Sir Daniel DUN 1544/5-1617

Biographical Note

Dun was an ecclesiastical lawyer, admitted Doctors’ Commons and an hon. member of Gray’s Inn. He was MP for Taunton, and was a member of the commission that investigated the earl and countess of Somerset in the murder of Sir Thomas Overbury. He was also listed in the second charter of the Virginia Company.


The extent and disposition of Dun's library is unknown, but at least two of his books are in Middle Temple Library, and he is believed to have given 10 books to the Bodleian Library. Examples: Middle Temple Library Io. Bodini Andegavensis De magorum daemonomania libri IV (1581) and Des. Erasmi Roterodami De conte[m]ptu mundi epistola, qu[am] conscripsit in grati[am] ac nomine Theodoria Harlemei Canonia ordinis divid Augustini (1529), both BAY L530.

Dun's inscription, from J. Bodin, De magorum daemonomania, 1581, Middle Temple Library

Characteristic Markings

The two books in Middle Temple Library both feature Dun's name on the title page and are heavily annotated.


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